Everything You Need To Know About Cows Ice Cream

Everything You Need To Know About Cows Ice Cream

Cows Ice Cream, the company that owns the Cows Creamery ice cream chain, has become famous the world over. The quality of their ice cream is frequently praised by those who eat it. It’s been named the best ice cream parlor in Canada, and even the best ice cream in the world.

However, a lot of the people who eat at Cows don’t know much about their history or where their ice cream comes from. You may find that the more you learn about Cows, the more you want to eat there.

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The very first Cows Ice Cream parlor opened in Cavendish on Prince Edward Island back in 1983. At the time, they sold ice cream exclusively. They soon gained a lot of attention from locals, and decided to expand their company further.

Visiting Cows Creamery

In 1987, Cows hired a graphic designer named Marc Gallant to create a t-shirt for them. They liked his work so much that they asked him to create more cow-themed designs for them. He produced designs for the company for 7 years until he passed away in 1984. He was followed by a new graphic designer named Shawn Mader. He, like Gallant, also produced cow-themed designs. To date, he has created more than 150 cow designs for the company.

In 2007, Cows was able to secure a loan from the Prince Edward Island government. They used this loan to build a new corporate office, which was constructed in Charlottetown. They used the Ben & Jerry’s headquarters as a template. They worked to create a facility that could double as a tourist attraction. People who visited could watch as the ice cream was made.

Currently, there are more than 32 flavors of premium ice cream produced by cows. Some of the flavors are old standards, like chocolate or vanilla, but others are a little more unusual. One of their most popular flavors is “Freckle Frenzy,” which was inspired by the Anne of Green Gables books. Anne of Green Gables was set in Cavendish, and many of the parlors in the area use her in their marketing.

So what gives Cows Ice Cream its incredible flavor? One of the things that makes it special is the milk that they use. They exclusively use milk from Prince Edward Island cows. The cows are fed a strict and healthy diet that consists of grass, silage, hay, and grain. Because other ice cream companies don’t have access to their cows, they can’t produce that kind of flavor.

Cows also uses their milk in a variety of other products. They began selling cheese in 2006, after the company’s owner had the chance to meet with a Scottish cheese maker. The Scottish man provided them with a recipe that became the template for Cows’ own recipe. They currently sell two kinds of cheese, the Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar and the PEI cheddar.

Although the cheese is not as famous as the ice cream that Cows makes, it is very popular. The clothbound cheddar was awarded a prize from the American Cheese Society shortly after it debuted. Because their cheese was such a success, they began to produce butter as well. Today, people can buy everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs to a wheel of cheese when they visit Cows.

Even though Cows produces a wide array of products, they’ll always be known for their ice cream above everything else. Its incredible taste and their amazing flavors help to set them apart from their competition. Some have traveled hundreds of miles or more to have a chance to taste Cows.

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